MMI 2v2 Polo Tournament Results

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On the rack

Dustin, Bjorn and Sven traveled to Wisconsin for the Milwaukee Messenger Invitational VIII alleycat and 2v2 bike polo tournament. Bjorn raced and completed the alleycat. More on that elsewhere.

After getting drunked out of the place we were staying Friday night we made up for it on Saturday. Had a great breakfast, hit the race, hung out and saw the awards after the race and then played some random pickup polo with Chris and Nick from Columbia, MO on a massively snowy night. It continued to snow until 2 or 3pm on Sunday. Which was a problem.

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Jake explains the format of the tournament

With at least 4″ on the ground and more predicted, the tournament was held in the parking garage downtown.

18 teams entered the tournament. Teams from Chicago, Madison, Minneapolis, Columbia, MO and Milwaukee. The format was a two 9 team brackets round robin to determine seeding followed by a single elimination tournament. Round robin games were to 3 points or 7 minutes. Ties held.

Dustin and Sven teamed up under the banner of Minnehaha. Bjorn joined up with a MKE local, Andy H, under the banner of “Bjorn to Be Wild”.

Minnehaha-4 shared a bracket with Dad That Hurts-1, Huamanuer-2, Ball Quif-3, Fuck Yeah-5, okay-6, Bjorn to Be Wild-7, Trix and Hoes-8, and I Got Nothing-9. Bracket B was filled with a bunch of jerks that you can read about in Jonny from Madison’s record of the tournament.

Bracket A had some really skilled and really fun teams to play against. Here is my recall of the games we played in no particular order. Note the team numbers above.

4vs1, L, 2-3; 4vs2, L, 1-3; 4vs3, W, 3-0; 4vs5, W, 3-0; 4vs6, W, 3-0; 4vs7, L, 2-3; 4vs8, W, 3-0; 4vs9, W, 3-?

We came out of the round robin at 5-3. Seeded in 8th place overall. We faced a local MKE team from bracket B and won. Next up was team Old Bear Poop made up of Joe and Brian from MKE. We scored two quick goals to go up 2-0 on OBP and then blew the lead as experience got the better of us.

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knocked out

After our elimination we watched several amazing games. Dad That Hurts (Jonny/MAD and Ben/MAD) were knocked out by Old Bear Poop and then later came back to win in the consolation match to bring home 3rd place.

Old Bear Poop faced off against Huamanuer (Kremin/MKE and Ben/CHI) in the final. A great game. Dustin will have some great video highlights to share real soon.

In the end Old Bear Poop won and kept the 2v2 honor in Milwaukee for another year.


Congrats Joe and Brian
Congrats Joe and Brian

Update: Official Results

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  1. awesome time had by all! drinks, polo & friends – what more does one need?

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