2009 BFF Tourney Recap

Photo via bjorn1101
Photo via bjorn1101

A tournament recap from Sven:

I am probably forgetting someone if I am I apologize.

Thanks to the sponsors who provided prizes and support to Minneapolis Bike Polo Banjo Brothers, All-City, Twin Six, Surly, Peace Coffee, Minneapolis Park and Rec and the Bicycle Film Festival.

Thanks to the Bike scene in Minneapolis and all my volunteers, Steef the grill master, Atomkinder(A+++ would use again) the mechanic, Bjorn, Chris, Connor and everyone else that timed and reffed games. A big thanks to Brian for doing stats on EVERY SINGLE GAME. Seriously man, your concentration was amazing. I can’t wait to see that spreadsheet.

Thanks to the spectators for cheering, screaming, ringing cowbells, playing the drums, and heckling us.

Thanks to the out of town players who came. It really meant a lot to have you travel to Minneapolis and give us a chance on our very first tournament. Jess and Arlyn from DC (the best husband/wife combo in the world), Jones from KC (hope you enjoy that Twin Six METAL mess bag. Let them know where ya got it), Cait and Ellen from MKE (you two rock! it was great partying with you on Sat and Sun), and Yetiman (nice to see you again. Sorry we couldn’t get you on a team but glad you had fun rocking the race on Sat)

Congrats to the podium

1st Place, Rawesome

  • Gus – Boston/MPLS
  • Cian – NOLA/MPLS
  • Elana – MPLS

2nd Place, Wake Me Up Before You Polo

  • Dustin aka Dabney Coleman – MPLS
  • Ebbin – MPLS
  • Cait – MKE

3rd place – TCDC

  • Jess – DC
  • Arlyn – DC
  • Bjorn – MPLS

MVP – Gus
19 goals and a shitload of blocks
Gus’ impressive goals scored combined with his mountain of blocks propelled him to first place over Arlyn in the MVP category. Gus walked away with the All-City 165mm crankset. That thing is beefy and beautiful.

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