Greif Masters Tournament

GreifMasters 2010 Bikepolo from Uolmo on Vimeo.

This past weekend while Minneapolis was racing Stupor Bowl 13, Germany was putting on an epic tournament. Just look at those shirts!

Uolmo has made some nice videos in the past and this is no exception. Check out his video detailing his trip from Geneva to Karlsruhe, Germany with his polo team L’equipe The Iron Ponies. As well as being a great editor and cameraman Uolmo, from what I hear, is also one hell of a polo player.

3 thoughts on “Greif Masters Tournament

  1. Nice, actually the uolmo’s team is “iron ponies”, but yes, our sparring partners are “Lequipe”.

    awesome tournment, gg Karlsruhe!

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for your blogging!
    Im not a player from l’équipe (even if i play and win ebhpc2009 with it), im with the iron ponies, another team from Geneva.

  3. I knew my facts weren’t 100% straight. Oh well that’s what I get for being monolingual. Fixed the team name, but I’m leaving in “one hell of a polo player”.

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