Fundraiser for livestream coverage of the NAH tour 2013 by Mr Do!

Our very own Mr. Do will be touring the major NAH tournaments this year, providing us, through the intimacy only the glow of our computer monitors can provide, a livestream of hot polo action at

Check it out the project, here:

Everything adds up, so donate what you can! ‘Do’ swag upon various giving levels include can coozies and t-shirts designed by Mr. Do’s daughter!

Friends in cool places

I woke up this morning to find this in my Twitter stream.

Perplexed as to what in the hell my name is doing up there with champions I fed it through Google translate and it gave me this:

Midwest championship this weekend or so? Beaver Boys, Machine Politics, Maija’s team, Sven’s team. . . A battleground is.

Well shucks, Riki! Thanks for the mention. Minneapolis Polo will do our best to make you proud.

Can’t wait to meet Riki and other Japanese poloists this September at the World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships in Seattle.


Congrats to Calgary and Seattle!!!!

This Cascadian duo will be hosting the North American Hardcourt Championships and World Hardcourt Championships, respectively.

More news to come on the 2011 NAH Tour…….

The winners of the bids for the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships and World Hardcourt Championships were announced yesterday.

Congrats to both Calgary and Seattle and congrats to the North American Hardcourt organization for overseeing the bidding process.

Minneapolis hopes to send participants to both events.