Midwest Open 2 in MKE results

Another Midwest Open has come and gone. Lots of familiar faces and many new faces. Even several new clubs, Green Bay and Mankato, MN to name a few.

Minneapolis did really well at this tournament. 5 of our 6 teams officially made it to Sunday with a computer hiccup pushing Shark Farts out of the top 32 for Sunday. We had several stand out players which helped propel their teams deep into the double elimination bracket on Sunday. Meg Lee and Aren are two such players. Aren even took home the MVP award for the tournament.

Congrats to Nick T of Minneapolis on his teams’ 7th place finish. He got the call asking him to be a substitute player at 9:30am on Saturday and helped Chris and Nick from Lexington to yet another excellent finish.

Thanks to Milwaukee Bike Polo for hosting and bringing the Midwest together for such a fun time.


  • 1st -Baby Face (Brian, Kremin, JT MKE/RVA)
  • 2nd -Guardians (Cody, Dusty, Julian SEA)
  • 3rd -Machine Politics (Ben, Joe, Matt L CHI)
  • 4th -Lil’ Wayne Gretzky (Nick kruse,Tim D, Charlie H COMO)
  • 5th -The Spurs (Pierre,Jonny, Sam C MAD )
  • 5th -Wardens (Jake, Matt, Zack MKE)
  • 7th –Bourbonic Plague (Nick, Cardinal, Nick T LEX/MPLS)
  • 7th -Mitten Polo (Jon, Adam, Piet AA)
  • 9th -WNBA Jamz (Joe, Shay, Guthrie MKE)
  • 9th –3rd Times a Charm (Meg, Dustin, Brian MPLS/CHI)
  • 9th -El Polo Loco (Derek, Stanislav, Rob FTW)
  • 9th –Panther Baby Strike (Nick, Aren, Jeff MPLS)
  • 13th -What about Bob (Karate jon, Chris W, Lou CLE )
  • 13th -Team Icarus (Zach ,Travis , Rob IN/CHI)
  • 13th –Cockstorm (Ramon, Jerry, Art MPLS)
  • 13th –The Matt Lodge Experience (Ebbin, Wade, Matt MPLS)
  • 17th -Seal Team 666 (Matt, Alex, Robb GRPS)
  • 17th -Gnomads (Ben H, Matt R, MP MAD)
  • 17th -Oakeshott Nights (Mark L, Dan, Mark H WNPG)
  • 17th -Team Adorable (Greg V, Tucker, Suzy CHI)
  • 17th -MDK (Kody, Meg M, Dave CHI)
  • 17th -Everything Butt Sex (Eric, Erica, Tiffany ATL/LEX)
  • 17th -Steve Jobs (Birdie, Lodi, Jordan MKE)
  • 17th –The Stealth Snowman (Sven, Thahn, Wheels MPLS/MKE)
  • 25th -Lefty Bullshit (Bruce, Jess, Quinn MIX)
  • 25th -Gay Boy farts (Kevin, Thomas, Caleb LAF)
  • 25th -Como Erectus (Christian, Andrew, Nic)
  • 25th -Emphysema Makeout Party (Abe, Matt, Joe MIX)
  • 25th -Noah’s Shark (Tyler Brown,Jeremy, Jordan BLM)
  • 25th -Bearded Men (Charlie S, Omar, Willie )
  • 25th -St st stuntin is a habit (Kelly s, Mick, Josh CHI)
  • 25th -White Arms (Steener, Carl winslow, Witt GB)

Midwest Open 2

The Midwest Open is happening this weekend in Milwaukee.

Minneapolis is sending 6 teams into the mix. You can follow the teams live Saturday and Sunday at podiu.mx/mwo . Also stay tuned to twitter, #MWO

The Matt Lodge Experience – Ebbin, Wade, Matt

Panther Baby Strike – Nick, Aren, Jeff

3rd Times a Charm – Meg, Dustin, Brian(CHI)

Shark Farts – Greta, Landon, Mike

The Stealth Snowman – Sven, Wheels, Thahn(MKE)

Cockstorm – Ramon, Jerry, Art

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Back when MKE was all Outlaws

Here’s a video of the World Champion Beaver Boys from Milwaukee from November 2009. It contains highlights from the 7th Midwest Bike Polo Championships in Columbia, MO. Where the Beaver Boys once again faced Chicago’s Machine Politics for the title of best in the Midwest. That time it was Chicago who showered a merciless rain of shots on target.

It chronicles the arrest of 11 poloists and subsequent their deal with the city for permanent courts of their own.

Yet another now classic film from Mr. Do.

Stupor Bowl 13 Garage Polo

Last Friday night after the Stupor Bowl 13 pre-registration party at the Nomad, the polo crew, including a number of our friends from Milwaukee, cruised over to the garage and got in some late-night polo on a dark and slippery court. Everyone went down at some point on the slush that was just above the freezing point in the out-of-bounds zone. That said, it was a lot of fun until the ultra-passive transit employee sort of told us to leave, kind of. Well enough, I thought, as it was 2 a.m. and I had to get ready to race. If you’re interested, visit my blargh for a race recap and photos.

Ebbin Attacks!

Chicago vs Milwaukee, 7th Midwest Championship

Dustin replaced the gerbils in his computer or something because he finally got around to editing the footage from one of the games of the 7th Midwest Bike Polo Championships in Columbia, MO.

In this game Machine Politics from Chicago comprised of Joe the Lefty, Matt Lane and Ben Schultz played against defending champs The Beaver Boys. The Beaver Boys from Milwaukee are comprised of Joe Burge, Brian Dellman and Kremin. This isn’t the championship game but the first time they met.

This probably the best video of a hardcourt game I have ever seen. With just one camera, Dustin aka Mr. Do is able to edit down the footage and get a really great sense of the flow and skills on display. I don’t remember how long the game was but this video clocks in at 4:30.

The quality is great so set that player to full screen and kick back check out some of the best players in the Midwest.

MMI 2v2 Polo Tournament Results

copyright Bjorn1101
On the rack

Dustin, Bjorn and Sven traveled to Wisconsin for the Milwaukee Messenger Invitational VIII alleycat and 2v2 bike polo tournament. Bjorn raced and completed the alleycat. More on that elsewhere.

After getting drunked out of the place we were staying Friday night we made up for it on Saturday. Had a great breakfast, hit the race, hung out and saw the awards after the race and then played some random pickup polo with Chris and Nick from Columbia, MO on a massively snowy night. It continued to snow until 2 or 3pm on Sunday. Which was a problem.

copyright Dane Haman
Jake explains the format of the tournament

With at least 4″ on the ground and more predicted, the tournament was held in the parking garage downtown.

18 teams entered the tournament. Teams from Chicago, Madison, Minneapolis, Columbia, MO and Milwaukee. The format was a two 9 team brackets round robin to determine seeding followed by a single elimination tournament. Round robin games were to 3 points or 7 minutes. Ties held.

Dustin and Sven teamed up under the banner of Minnehaha. Bjorn joined up with a MKE local, Andy H, under the banner of “Bjorn to Be Wild”.

Minnehaha-4 shared a bracket with Dad That Hurts-1, Huamanuer-2, Ball Quif-3, Fuck Yeah-5, okay-6, Bjorn to Be Wild-7, Trix and Hoes-8, and I Got Nothing-9. Bracket B was filled with a bunch of jerks that you can read about in Jonny from Madison’s record of the tournament.

Bracket A had some really skilled and really fun teams to play against. Here is my recall of the games we played in no particular order. Note the team numbers above.

4vs1, L, 2-3; 4vs2, L, 1-3; 4vs3, W, 3-0; 4vs5, W, 3-0; 4vs6, W, 3-0; 4vs7, L, 2-3; 4vs8, W, 3-0; 4vs9, W, 3-?

We came out of the round robin at 5-3. Seeded in 8th place overall. We faced a local MKE team from bracket B and won. Next up was team Old Bear Poop made up of Joe and Brian from MKE. We scored two quick goals to go up 2-0 on OBP and then blew the lead as experience got the better of us.

copyright Dane Haman
knocked out

After our elimination we watched several amazing games. Dad That Hurts (Jonny/MAD and Ben/MAD) were knocked out by Old Bear Poop and then later came back to win in the consolation match to bring home 3rd place.

Old Bear Poop faced off against Huamanuer (Kremin/MKE and Ben/CHI) in the final. A great game. Dustin will have some great video highlights to share real soon.

In the end Old Bear Poop won and kept the 2v2 honor in Milwaukee for another year.


Congrats Joe and Brian
Congrats Joe and Brian

Update: Official Results