New Year’s Bench Minor in Madison


Three humans and one dog traveled to Madison to represent MPLS Bike Polo for a Bench Minor formatted bike polo tournament.

Madison, Chicago and Milwaukee all fielded 9 person teams while Minneapolis sent who we could and filled in the rest from Milwaukee and Chicago.

The standings after 4 games a piece had Milwaukee on top followed by Chicago, Madison and the mix n match Minneapolis team.

Dane Hanman from MKE was there and took lots of great photos. No surprises there!

Sounds like it was a blast! Hope everyone got some quality time with Dude the dog!

North American Championships

This weekend Minneapolis is sending three teams to the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships in Madison, WI. Stickmata, Purple Pain and the Peter North Stars will compete in the largest hardcourt bike polo tournament ever.

68 teams will compete Friday and Saturday for one of 32 spots in the double elimination bracket on Sunday.

The level of organization the Madison club has put into this tournament is amazing. They already have their refs scheduled! 6 courts, some built by Mpls Bike Polo Inc,  at one site will mean each team will be playing no less than 10 games over the weekend. Add to that the 32 team elimination bracket and you have a recipe for massive amounts of polo.

Wish us luck as we travel to Madison and represent our fair city on an international stage.