Ladies Army IV

Ladies Army IV starts today in Lexington, KY with a one day co-ed tournament followed by the main event on Saturday and Sunday. Over 34 all female teams from 7 different countries will be competing this weekend for the Ladies Army crown.

Best of luck to our women and men from Minneapolis as they party, play and cheer their way through the weekend.

Tune in to the livestream and watch the action.

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Git Sum vs King Shin Beef

Minneapolis’ Git Sum vs St Louis’ King Shin Beef, at the Midwest Open Bike Polo Tournament

Definitely the most exciting game of polo Minneapolis has ever been a part of. Do yourself a favor and watch in full screen mode. Minneapolis has faced up against King Shin Beef in many tournaments rarely, if ever, getting the best of them. This is the last game of round robin play on Saturday. Minneapolis was 2-1-1 and this point and needed a win to crawl out of the very competitive afternoon bracket.

They got the win and advanced to Sunday’s tournament. Placing in the top 16 of 50 teams. Congrats Git Sum! You made us all proud.

Midwest Open 2010

Greetings From Minnesota

Minneapolis Bike Polo is packing up and heading down South for the Midwest Open in Lexington, KY.

We are sending four full teams of Minneapolis poloists to play and party. Quality AND Quantity.

Get Some/$5 – Nick, Jeff and Ebbin

Peanut Butter and Jerry – Dustin, Sven and Jerry

The Placeholders – Bjorn, Ramon and Wade

Hot Lava – Kat, Greta and Landon

There has been some discussion on changing Hot Lava to Sisterhood of the Travelling Shants but I think the B-52s reference trumps a pun.

We couldn’t be more excited to see our extended Midwest polo family. We’ll see you in Kentucky on Friday!