Minnesota places 3rd at the Battle

Minnesota placed third at the Battle for the Middle West in Bloomington, IN this past weekend. It was a great tournament and an exciting change of pace from the usual 3 man team tournaments.

We faced Midwest rivals Illinois in the third place match and came out victorious with a 5-4 win. This was a big win for MN as we came together as a team and improved on our 11 to 3 loss to Illinois on Saturday.

Big thanks to Indiana Bike Polo for throwing an excellent tournament!

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Bench Minor 2 Draft Results

BM 2 Draft results

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Last night the club gathered around a couple of laptops, cracked some beers and talked some trash in an old school IRC chat room.

We were not alone. Around the world, the pool of 150+ potential poloists gathered and watched as 6 GMs picked 8 teammates to compete in the Bench Minor 2 June 25-26, 2011 in Chicago.

Seattle lead the charge with 9 players being drafted. Milwaukee had 6, Chicago and Richmond each had 4 players drafted.*

Congrats to all who made the cut! This is going to be an amazing tournament.

*Not sure how I made that mistake… but Milwaukee had 6 players drafted, not 4 as I initially stated.

New Year’s Bench Minor in Madison


Three humans and one dog traveled to Madison to represent MPLS Bike Polo for a Bench Minor formatted bike polo tournament.

Madison, Chicago and Milwaukee all fielded 9 person teams while Minneapolis sent who we could and filled in the rest from Milwaukee and Chicago.

The standings after 4 games a piece had Milwaukee on top followed by Chicago, Madison and the mix n match Minneapolis team.

Dane Hanman from MKE was there and took lots of great photos. No surprises there!

Sounds like it was a blast! Hope everyone got some quality time with Dude the dog!