Wheelcovers, how do they work?

If you saw this tweet from @Surlybrewer you might be wondering what the purpose is of those things on the wheels. They are wheelcovers used for a sport called Hardcourt Bike Polo. We use these covers to block shots as well as keeping people’s mallets and feet out of the spinning spokes. They also protect the wheels from getting broken. Dustin, aka Mr Do, had these wheelcovers specially designed by Jinxy to include his favorite brew. Check the can of Furious in his hand.

  1. todd haug
    surlybrewer Hell yes RT @mplsbikepolo @surlybrewing and @surlybrewer look at what Mr. Do has in his hand! #photo #wheelcover http://bit.ly/Surly-in-hand

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If you need any more explanation check out Mr. Do’s videos on Vimeo. He’s one of the most prolific and also one of the best videographer/editor’s covering the emerging sport of bike polo.

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