Tornado Wood

The horse is watching us

When MPLS Bike Polo put out a call to our network that we were looking for lumber to build boards for MWBPC8, Bob was the first to respond. He had a friend out in the burbs whose barn had fought a tornado and lost. The tornado ripped roofs off the barn and pump house and deposited them in different directions a couple hundred feet away. Marty was lucky that day as Bob put it, “The tornado gently pulled one single line of shingles off his house, like the finger of god tasting the icing on a cupcake.”

One benefit of the tornado was that two goats and a horse that were once mortal enemies became fast friends that windy night in August.

Marty saved this lumber since last August hoping that it would be able to be reused by someone, anyone, rather than burning it. He had burned enough over the past year. Over 25 storm damaged trees piled high in a huge bonfire. All in all we probably scavenged several hundred dollars worth of 2x4s and 2x6s.

We’ll have to do some work before they are ready to convert into bike polo boards, but we’re up to the challenge.

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