Welp! We had a hell of shin dig. Between the Alleycat Fundraiser and the Raffle and Silent auction party at Dangerous Man Brewing facilitated by raffle prize-slinging cyborgs and the Dark Lord Satan himself (the guy in the back), our club was able to raise some dough towards our next endeavor.

We are forever grateful to our awesome sponsors, Penn Cycle, Banjo Brothers Bags, MPLS Bike Love, BEARD BAGS, Twin Six, ABUS, DZR Shoes, Adam Turman, Brian Beatty, Up The Mountain Down The Mountain, Ginny Marie Herman, Residue Comics, Global Citizens Network, MEAT MANE (a meat party bike delivered to your party), Uptown Tattoo, Buffalo Exchange, PAW – A Pet Care Company, and especially the amazing staff at Dangerous Man Brewing Co!!!

Everything in the silent auction sold, included a custom BIG SHOT provided by Penn Cycle. The lucky gal who out-bid everyone was happy to be getting a new bike and was anxious to see if she could try it out on the polo courts. Hey, man, the more the merrier at pick-up, I say. The night went smoothly, even with a line of people waiting outside to get in. Folks who made it in the doors were grateful for the raffle prizes and the deliciously high alcohol content of the beer. Frankly, we’re utterly shocked that so many of you like us and are THAT good looking.

So, you know what’s next, right?

2013 North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships! AUGUST 16-18 at the ROSEVILLE OVAL

We are so excited to host this tournament, there’s nary a pair of clean pants among us and all of our hand gestures have been diminished to “HELL YES” fist pumps, very much to the chagrin of our day-job coworkers.
Mr. Do was out this weekend, getting on-location shots for the amazing montage sequences that will accompany the livestream of this event. That’s right. If you can’t travel to Minnesota to watch this rad tournament, can’t be bothered to put pants on, or if trolling chatroll is where you shine, check out and follow the results at We’ll have Zachary Bloomington and super special guest announcer MACHINE, along with Mr. Do, Johnny Slurwheel, and Sweet Jenn providing color commentary, play by play, and player interviews along with the livestream of the tournament games.

If you’re unfamiliar with the world of polo, let me assure you, this is a big deal. Don’t say it isn’t. It is.

If you are in need of housing as a travelling player, please fill out THIS FORM asap, and we’ll find you a place to stay.
If you live in MSP, and you can PROVIDE housing to travelling players, please fill out THIS FORM.

More information and ramblings to come!

Blog Post summary: Polo is awesome, cyborgs, satan, we like money and sponsors, tournament, tournament housing, and we love you.

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