Grass and Hardcourt Polo day

barbie ball used in bikeball

Heads up to Duluth, Menominee, Mason City, Madison and the rest of the Midwest.

We are having a grill out, hang out, bike ball AND bike polo Sunday shindig. August 8th. It’ll be a pretty laid back affair.

What is bike ball you ask? Well bike ball is what a group of cyclists in Minneapolis have been playing for 15-20 years.

Its a variation of grass polo that uses a large ball and wiffle bats. The web site is currently down. But its coming back and the archive is available here. A few have come and played hardcourt with us and loved it. This is our chance to play their game and learn a few new tricks.

Phoenix will be so proud of us.

Our home court is located in a park with a large manicured football field. Perfect for bike ball.

The idea is that whatever game you want to play it’ll be there and we will hopefully gain converts to both sides.

Drop a comment on this post with questions or drop us an email,

UPDATE: We plan to start around 1pm. Bring some food to share or grill and lets have a real good time.

thrills and spills. on grass!

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