Building a polo bike

Polo table

How can you build up a polo bike? Good question. Its easy.

Look for a frame that you can make into a single speed. A lot of MTB have semi horizontal drops and can be easily singled with proper chain length or through a singleator. If you have a pair of 700c wheels that need a new purpose you could find a track style bike and build that up for cheap.

This coming Saturday April 24th, a boy scout troop in St. Paul is having a huge bike sale. Go check it out. It would be very affordable to get a frame that accepts 26″ wheels and some really cheap wheels.

Next you can take your parts list over to Express Bike Shop, Sunrise Cyclery or any of the other stores with a great used selection and get that new frame dialed in.

I was just at Express yesterday and scored a new stem and bars for under $10. Plus you can feel great knowing that your money will go back into teaching St. Paul youth mechanical skills and work ethic.

The bottom line is building a polo doesn’t have to cost you hundreds of dollars. In fact with a little looking you can easily build something for well under $100.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions about what works and what doesn’t in a hardcourt bike polo. Head on over to The League of Bike Polo /Bikes for some inspiration.

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