Bike Polo for Beginners

Ramon broke a stick.

Want to play hardcourt bike polo but are worried about playing catch up with regular players? Well have I got a deal for you.

What: Bike Polo practice for new players and those who wish to hone their skills

Where: Corcoran Park in south Minneapolis (near 21st Ave and Lake St.)

When: Saturday April 3rd 1pm to 2pm

What to bring: A bike that you don’t mind getting scratched, a helmet, you, your friends and a sense of adventure.

We’ll supply the mallets and balls. If you don’t have a bike that you can throw into the mix you may be able to borrow one to mess around on. Questions? Leave a comment or drop and email.

5 thoughts on “Bike Polo for Beginners

  1. Not gonna happen. You’ll be surprised at how welcoming we are to new players. And this is a new player day!

  2. BONUS! I’ll be giving away mallet head material for free to all new players today. 5″ of orange HDPE to get you hooked. #thefirstonesfree

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