Minneapolis Bicycle Polo Inc.

Too Legit for Polo
I’m proud to announce that our club is officially a Minnesota Non-Profit Corporation, making it the first in North America to incorporate (to our knowledge)! Our President is Kat, Landon is the Treasurer and I am a non-titled board member. We organized the corporation so that we could accept checks from sponsors, process MWBPC8 registrations on-line, write checks to vendors, and pursue partnerships to create a dedicated, polo-specific court in Minneapolis. Pending federal 501(C)3 status will mean that sponsor contributions are tax-deductible.
Although the fees seem a bit much, the process is pretty straightforward—as long as you’re willing to read a lot of statutes and have arguments with your friends about Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, board membership, and banking institutions. If anyone out there is interested in incorporating their club, drop us a line and we’d be happy to answer questions. Same goes for anyone who want to donate to the club or sponsor the MWBPC8. Think we’re sell-outs? Trash talk accepted below!

Update: London Hardcourt Bike Polo Association claims the World’s First on this one.

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  1. This is actually incredibly smart. Many large employers offer a company match on 501(c)3 charitble donations. Someone employed by such a company donates $100, you get $200. That starts the wheels turning….

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