Headed to Indiana

Minneapolis Bike Polo is heading to Bloomington Indiana tomorrow to compete at Midwest Bike Polo Championships 9. This brings us full circle from last year when Minneapolis was gearing up to host the MWBPC8. Now its Bloomington’s turn to host and we couldn’t be more excited.

Dustin(Mr Do), Ebbin and Sven will be teaming up as Do’s Dont’s.

Jerry, Wade and Tim are teaming up under the banner Sweater Money.

And lastly but not leastly, John, James and Ramon are combing forces as JFW and The Fix Gear Phenomenon

Thanks to the miracles of internet connectivity and astute software programming you can watch the results come in LIVE. On Saturday you can tune your browsers or smart phones to HardcourtPodium.com. Specifically to http://hardcourtpodium.com/follow/mwbpc9

On Sunday, the double elimination bracket will take shape in this google document.

Wish us luck and safe travels and hopefully we’ll grab a few more of those coveted qualification spots for the 2011 North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships.

Ladies Army 3


The third installment of the Ladies Army gets under way this weekend in Austin, TX. Kat is headed down to Austin to represent Minneapolis Bike Polo. She is teaming up with Cara and Lisa by way of Vancouver in a field of almost 20 all female bike polo teams. This will be Kat’s second time competing in the Ladies Army. Last year she traveled to NYC to compete. Show them how we do it Minneapolis, Kat!

Saturday will a set of swiss rounds to determine seeding for the double elimination bracket on Sunday. Follow along LIVE on your computer or phone by pointing it at http://hardcourtpodium.com/follow/ladies

If you haven’t watched Mr Do’s Ladies Army preview video, go do that now. There is so much interest in this tournament the polo community pooled its resources and bought Mr Do a plane ticket to Texas. No really! They did. Have fun Mr Do and bring back documentation of this amazing tourney.

Best of luck to all the kick ass Poloistas as they fight for the Ladies Army crowns.

Onward to Arkansas

Team 1 x 1 is road tripping this weekend to Little Rock, Arkansas for the South Central Bike Polo Championships. Dustin, Sven and Nick D were one of the lucky 9 teams from outside the region to get a spot. As you can see in this map, the South Central region is geographically very large. It encompasses a large chunk of states in the Southern middle of our country, as well as the entire country of Mexico.

36 teams from the US and Mexico will compete in this North American Hardcourt sanctioned event. The top 8 teams in this tournament win automatic entry into the 2011 North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships in Calgary, Alberta.

Minneapolis Polo hasn’t had the pleasure to play with a large percentage of these teams. And we certainly haven’t had the opportunity to play any teams from Mexico!

Wish us luck as we pile our all three* of our Surly 1x1s into the wagon and haul ass to a warmer and less salt encrusted locale.

*Photos below

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Bench Minor 2 Draft Results

BM 2 Draft results

Click through to view “Large

Last night the club gathered around a couple of laptops, cracked some beers and talked some trash in an old school IRC chat room.

We were not alone. Around the world, the pool of 150+ potential poloists gathered and watched as 6 GMs picked 8 teammates to compete in the Bench Minor 2 June 25-26, 2011 in Chicago.

Seattle lead the charge with 9 players being drafted. Milwaukee had 6, Chicago and Richmond each had 4 players drafted.*

Congrats to all who made the cut! This is going to be an amazing tournament.

*Not sure how I made that mistake… but Milwaukee had 6 players drafted, not 4 as I initially stated.

New Year’s Bench Minor in Madison


Three humans and one dog traveled to Madison to represent MPLS Bike Polo for a Bench Minor formatted bike polo tournament.

Madison, Chicago and Milwaukee all fielded 9 person teams while Minneapolis sent who we could and filled in the rest from Milwaukee and Chicago.

The standings after 4 games a piece had Milwaukee on top followed by Chicago, Madison and the mix n match Minneapolis team.

Dane Hanman from MKE was there and took lots of great photos. No surprises there!

Sounds like it was a blast! Hope everyone got some quality time with Dude the dog!

Git Sum vs King Shin Beef

Minneapolis’ Git Sum vs St Louis’ King Shin Beef, at the Midwest Open Bike Polo Tournament

Definitely the most exciting game of polo Minneapolis has ever been a part of. Do yourself a favor and watch in full screen mode. Minneapolis has faced up against King Shin Beef in many tournaments rarely, if ever, getting the best of them. This is the last game of round robin play on Saturday. Minneapolis was 2-1-1 and this point and needed a win to crawl out of the very competitive afternoon bracket.

They got the win and advanced to Sunday’s tournament. Placing in the top 16 of 50 teams. Congrats Git Sum! You made us all proud.