Wheelcovers, how do they work?

If you saw this tweet from @Surlybrewer you might be wondering what the purpose is of those things on the wheels. They are wheelcovers used for a sport called Hardcourt Bike Polo. We use these covers to block shots as well as keeping people’s mallets and feet out of the spinning spokes. They also protect the wheels from getting broken. Dustin, aka Mr Do, had these wheelcovers specially designed by Jinxy to include his favorite brew. Check the can of Furious in his hand.

  1. todd haug
    surlybrewer Hell yes RT @mplsbikepolo @surlybrewing and @surlybrewer look at what Mr. Do has in his hand! #photo #wheelcover http://bit.ly/Surly-in-hand

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If you need any more explanation check out Mr. Do’s videos on Vimeo. He’s one of the most prolific and also one of the best videographer/editor’s covering the emerging sport of bike polo.

Git Sum vs King Shin Beef

Minneapolis’ Git Sum vs St Louis’ King Shin Beef, at the Midwest Open Bike Polo Tournament

Definitely the most exciting game of polo Minneapolis has ever been a part of. Do yourself a favor and watch in full screen mode. Minneapolis has faced up against King Shin Beef in many tournaments rarely, if ever, getting the best of them. This is the last game of round robin play on Saturday. Minneapolis was 2-1-1 and this point and needed a win to crawl out of the very competitive afternoon bracket.

They got the win and advanced to Sunday’s tournament. Placing in the top 16 of 50 teams. Congrats Git Sum! You made us all proud.

Winter Polo Habits

Dec 5th, 2010 Corcoran Park photo by Kat

The season never ends its just gets colder.

Over 9 man/woman hours to free half the court of a blanket of 1375 cubic feet of snow. We received about 6″/15.5cm of snow on Friday.  Sadly the snowblower would not start on Saturday. Sunday we got it running and worked at clearing the rest of the court.

Played some cutthroat 1 vs 2 and a knife-fight style 2 v 2 game with a single cone as the goal.

Playing in the winter is a whole new ballgame. For one thing every beverage has a 15 minute shelf life before it turns to a soda slushy. For another body to body contact is all but abandoned by the players. Ball handling, positioning and 5-hole shots are the name of this slippery game.

Plus we get to build quinzees.