Ping! Crack! A helmet’s end

Cracked helmet

Yesterday Pete was going full bore at the goal to defend an against an attack. Slammed on his brake, he heard a PING(which was his cable snapping), he crashed his tire straight into our heavy metal goals, he was thrown over his bars and cracked his head on the ground. Broke a huge piece right off the temple area of his helmet.

If he wasn’t wearing his helmet he’d probably be in the hospital right now but instead he was able to laugh it off and coast his fucked up bike home to his family with nothing more than a sprained wrist.

Please consider wearing a helmet if you don’t now. No matter how great of a cyclist you are there is always mechanical failure to worry about.

Bent fork

He hit the goal so hard that he bent his steel fork backwards into a negative rake.

UPDATE: Pete ended up with two broken bones in his hand. Here’s wishing a quick and easy healing process.

Back when MKE was all Outlaws

Here’s a video of the World Champion Beaver Boys from Milwaukee from November 2009. It contains highlights from the 7th Midwest Bike Polo Championships in Columbia, MO. Where the Beaver Boys once again faced Chicago’s Machine Politics for the title of best in the Midwest. That time it was Chicago who showered a merciless rain of shots on target.

It chronicles the arrest of 11 poloists and subsequent their deal with the city for permanent courts of their own.

Yet another now classic film from Mr. Do.

World Champs: The Beaver Boys

The #1 Bike Polo Team in the World

Congrats to the Beaver Boys from Milwaukee on keeping the title of best in the world at home in North America. They defeated Machine Politics(picture below) from Chicago for the title. The three day championship took place in Berlin this year with over 90 teams fighting for a chance just to make it Sunday and the double elimination bracket.

This was a repeat of the championship game of Midwest 6 and 7. I’m so proud of our Midwest teams right now I could burst.

#2 in the world ain't nothing to sneeze at either

Photos from MWBPC8 by Christopher Berg Photography

UPDATE: – The double elimination championship bracket from the Hardcourt Bike Polo World Championships in Berlin.

NAHBPC Teaser film from Mr Do

Minneapolis’ own Mr. Do comes up with another stunning video piece. This is a short teaser from the 2010 North American Bike Polo Championships in Madison, WI.

Send you comments and or bribes for him to dig up flattering footage to

Grass-Hardcourt update

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Grass bikeball at Calhoun

What: Grass “bikeball” polo and hardcourt bike polo pickup games and Grill-out

Where: McRae Park in South Minneapolis

When: Sunday August 8th from 1pm until we get tired.

Who: Minneapolis Bike Polo and the Calhoun Bikeball Club and you!

What to do: Bring yourself, your friends and something to grill. There will be mallets and balls for both games. Games will be going on all afternoon.

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