Grass and Hardcourt Polo day

barbie ball used in bikeball

Heads up to Duluth, Menominee, Mason City, Madison and the rest of the Midwest.

We are having a grill out, hang out, bike ball AND bike polo Sunday shindig. August 8th. It’ll be a pretty laid back affair.

What is bike ball you ask? Well bike ball is what a group of cyclists in Minneapolis have been playing for 15-20 years.

Its a variation of grass polo that uses a large ball and wiffle bats. The web site is currently down. But its coming back and the archive is available here. A few have come and played hardcourt with us and loved it. This is our chance to play their game and learn a few new tricks.

Phoenix will be so proud of us.

Our home court is located in a park with a large manicured football field. Perfect for bike ball.

The idea is that whatever game you want to play it’ll be there and we will hopefully gain converts to both sides.

Drop a comment on this post with questions or drop us an email,

UPDATE: We plan to start around 1pm. Bring some food to share or grill and lets have a real good time.

thrills and spills. on grass!

North American Championships

This weekend Minneapolis is sending three teams to the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships in Madison, WI. Stickmata, Purple Pain and the Peter North Stars will compete in the largest hardcourt bike polo tournament ever.

68 teams will compete Friday and Saturday for one of 32 spots in the double elimination bracket on Sunday.

The level of organization the Madison club has put into this tournament is amazing. They already have their refs scheduled! 6 courts, some built by Mpls Bike Polo Inc,  at one site will mean each team will be playing no less than 10 games over the weekend. Add to that the 32 team elimination bracket and you have a recipe for massive amounts of polo.

Wish us luck as we travel to Madison and represent our fair city on an international stage.

Ramon’s Foot

Bottom of the shoe

On Thursday one of our players was involved in a bad crash which resulted in a very serious wound.

Ramon and Matt were fighting for the ball against the back boards when their wheels caught causing both players to be thrown from their bikes. Matt went down first and Ramon was dismounting over his bars and struggling to find his feet underneath him. It looked like he was going to make it out of the crash safely when he let out a cry of pain.

We knew it was bad if it was able to make Ramon cry out, he’s a tough and gritty player. We at first assumed he had subluxed his shoulder or twisted his ankle until we saw the blood.

When dismounting his bike he stepped directly onto Matt’s brake lever. The brake lever pushed through his shoe, into his foot and stopped just before exiting the top of his foot. This wasn’t a sharp brake lever or out of the ordinary in any way. This was a stock full sized brake lever. The lever, upon inspection, had not one drop of blood or gore after piercing his foot.

We carried him over to a bench to asses the situation as thick deeply red clots of blood splashed to the ground. We cut off his shoe and applied bandannas as bandages. The bleeding stopped quickly and against our better judgement we brought Ramon home to be checked over by a nurse friend of his.

The situation didn’t improve after caring for the wound at home so Ramon went to the ER in the morning. They looked it over and found that a piece of the rubber sole had been lodged deep in his foot.

The doctor theorized that the rubber stopped the brake lever from completely piercing his foot. In order to sterilize the wound and remove the rubber they had to cut a hole in the top of his foot. It gives me the willies just thinking about it.

Ramon now has the first documented case of Polo Stigmata. Here’s to a speedy recovery, Ramon.