Chicago vs Milwaukee, 7th Midwest Championship

Dustin replaced the gerbils in his computer or something because he finally got around to editing the footage from one of the games of the 7th Midwest Bike Polo Championships in Columbia, MO.

In this game Machine Politics from Chicago comprised of Joe the Lefty, Matt Lane and Ben Schultz played against defending champs The Beaver Boys. The Beaver Boys from Milwaukee are comprised of Joe Burge, Brian Dellman and Kremin. This isn’t the championship game but the first time they met.

This probably the best video of a hardcourt game I have ever seen. With just one camera, Dustin aka Mr. Do is able to edit down the footage and get a really great sense of the flow and skills on display. I don’t remember how long the game was but this video clocks in at 4:30.

The quality is great so set that player to full screen and kick back check out some of the best players in the Midwest.

New Look For!

I finally got the upgrade for together! It’s mostly just visual changes, but also some backend stuff to prepare for the tournament. I added about and contact pages, spruced up the navigation, changed up the flickr feed, added Mr. Do’s Vimeo stuff, added some links, and made some content updates. 321 Polo!

Voting for Midwest Regional Reps

As the Minneapolis club rep, I have three votes to cast for our Midwest Representatives to the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Association. There are 5 candidates, including our very own Sven. I’d like to hear from you about what you think, even if it’s just to say, “I trust your judgement.” I must vote by Friday.

The candidates statements are here. There is a discussion about the election process here. This is the Midwest Region page, this is the Minneapolis club page. I encourage you all to get a login and subscribe to these threads on, just so you’re aware of the organization at the least.