All-City Championship Polo Tourney: Triple Awesome!

Connor really came through with a great tourney on Sunday. We played three rounds of round robin with 8 teams and then a double-elimination bracket. There was grilling, great play and lots of fun. No major injuries or mechanicals, until Dustin let his bike roll into the wall after winning. Thanks everyone who came out to play, especially our ad hoc Team Show Us Your Titties, and all the spectators who came out.

Congrats to The Cosmopolotans on their victory!

Check out the Team Photos

Team Photo Mosaic

1. Team Show Us Your Titties, 2. Team Revolution Polo, 3. Team Rad: Tim, John, Cayla B, and James, 4. The Flying Jomonz: Connor, Joe and Alicia, 5. The Bookhouse Boys: Landon, Bjorn and Sven, 6. The Sconnies, 7. 2nd Place, The Paul Bunyans: Ramon, Trevor and Jake, 8. Our Champs, The Cosmopolotans: Ebbin, Dustin and John

Here’s a sample of the complete action shots:

We’re working on reconstructing the brackets, so if you have info about your teams’ records, who you played in the brackets, or even better a photo of the brackets, hit us up in the comments. This is for sure:

1. Cosmo-Polo-Tans (Mr Do, Ebbmart, Stevelious)
2. Paul Bunyans (Jake, Trevor, Ramon)
3. Flying Jomonz (Joe, Connor, Alicia)
4. Bookhouse Boys (Sveden, Bjorn, Peedubya)

8. Team Show Us Your Titties (John, Zebrakeys and Andy)

All-City Championship This Weekend

This weekend, on Sunday, August 23, is the All-City Championship Bike Polo Tournament. We’re getting started at 1PM SHARP (meaning, please be ready to play at 1pm) at McRae Park in South Minneapolis. In addition to a round-robin to double-elimination bracket, there will be a grill going all day, some prizes and a whole lot of fun. The entry fee is $9/3-person team. Teams need not be co-ed.

Out-of-towners, if you need a place to stay or help getting around, let us know. If you’re looking for a team, there is discussion at with a list of unattached players. Spectators may want to come later in the day to witness the small end of the bracket. Of course, you’re welcome at any time.

The tournament is being organized by the most excellent Connor and is part of the All-City Championship Alleycat Weekend thrown by and inimitable Jeff.

2009 All City Championship Final Poster

Poster by yours truly.